Find your destination at the Kellebeek College!
At the Kellebeek College we focus on the student's destination: Who do they want to be? What do they want to mean to society? You see this in all our work with all our target groups. We help people to identify their destination and help them, as far as possible, on the road to this destination. We don't do that alone. We work together with our partners to ensure that we are of the biggest possible assistance to our target groups.

The key to personal success
The Kellebeek College is part of ROC West-Brabant and offers tailored education to a variety of target groups of all ages. We have a lot of locations in the West-Brabant region. This enables us to practice our core value of 'every person counts'. We want to ensure that all our students are fully equipped to find their particular place in society. Our concept on education is based on this. Internal motivation being the key to personal success. The Kellebeek College, together with the student, identifies a clear destination and we stimulate the student to reach this destination. Our concept on education is continually in full use to ensure the best possible link between the work floor, secondary education, higher education and society.

The Kellebeek College organisation
The Kellebeek College consists of two different units: The Kellebeek College is a recognised partner in mainstream further education. The kellebeek College offers several educations form dirrent directions

  • Customer services
  • Assisting health care
  • Nursing and caring
  • Social care
  • Beauty therapy
  • Wellfare

The Kellebeek provides adult education for students seeking integration in The Netherlands (NT2) and students seeking primary/basic education (BE). We see it as a privilege to (re)educate these students so that they can fully contribute to society. Short and long courses offer adults the chance to improve their basic knowledge. To achieve this The Kellebeek College Via works alongside various other (government)institutions.

The destination guarantee:
Our objective is to help students as far as possible along the path to their destination/place in society. That is why the completion of a course does not necessary mean goodbye. Students are welcome, up to five years after the completion of their course, to come back and talk again about their destination, possible new coursesfurther education.

In short, we talk about everything that the student may feel The Kellebeek College can do to assist them to reach these new goals. The Kellebeek College has a destination coordinator for this purpose. With this destination guarantee, we can, in all sincerity, say to the student: Find your destination!